St. Joseph’s College,  a Filipino, Catholic and Franciscan educational institution, is owned and administered by the Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate Conception (SFIC).



St. Joseph’s College pursues integral human formation anchored on Gospel values to enable the youth to become effective instruments for social transformation.


Inspired by our vision, we commit ourselves to provide relevant programs and services to form our school community to be God-loving, evangelizing and responsible members of society.

In keeping with our Franciscan tradition, we continue to be moved by God’s goodness, wisdom and love to be a caring and nurturing community.


Following the example of St. Joseph, a righteous and upright man, we uphold and promote the core values of simplicity, truth, justice, peace, and integrity of creation,


Simplicity – We shall live a simple lifestyle, caring for Mother Earth, taking only what is enough and necessary to sustain a healthful and dignified existence.       

Truth – We shall uphold honesty and sincerity, consistency and integrity in thoughts, words and actions.

Justice – We shall foster right relationship with God, with oneself, with others and with creation as  a whole.

Peace –  We shall be peace-builders; peace that comes from an inner contentment and serenity, from a sense of community with and among peoples and nations, from a dialogue     cultures and religions. 

Integrity of Creation –  We shall affirm a deep Christian conviction that all life is sacred because God is the Creator of all.