Flagship Programs

Deserving Level III PAASCU accreditation and a grant of autonomy by CHED is something that a school works for overtime and sustains on a day-to-day basis. On the other hand, the fruits of excellence are something reaped year by year, in the form of quality graduates, as seen in the track record in government licensure examinations. In the College of Arts and Sciences of St. Joseph’s College, the graduates of Social Work have been registering a hundred percent passing rate since its beginnings in the late 70s. In 2004, St. Joseph ’s College was listed one of two best schools of Social Work in the country, the other one being the University of the Philippines. That same year, still another Social Work board top notcher was produced in the person of Ms. Rowena Panguio who placed third.

Similarly, the new teachers who have come from the school have also been top-rate performers in the licensure examination. Clifford Esteban (BSE ’92), a PBET 7th placer, is today the president of the Metrobank Topnotchers’ Circle.

Overall, the graduates of the school enjoy a very high rate of employability. Many of them are leaders in their chosen fields and respective industries, making their special mark because of the Christian and Franciscan values and a strong sense of social responsiveness they bring to their work. They are local government executives, corporate officers, NGO workers, entrepreneurs, artists, lay leaders, business managers, lawyers, and advocates. The other high performing course programs are Mass Communication, Psychology, Management, and Information Technology. At present, stewards of the newly opened College of Nursing are putting in place all necessary measures so that come reckoning time in a few years, the graduates will perform according to the school’s long-established standards of excellence and do their alma mater proud.