College of Arts and Sciences -Sambayanihan Extension Service Office

The College of Arts and Sciences in the exercise of its extension service functions is steered by its own Sambayanihan Extension Service program thrusts being encapsulated in the acronym ST JOSEPH:

SOLIDARITY: Our solidarity with the marginalized communities is the fulfillment of our responsibility and role of prophetic denunciation of grave injustices rampant in Philippine communities which are characterized as scandalous and sinful situations. This solidarity means that we make our the problems and the struggles of the people and that we know how to speak with them, live with them and be like them.

Transformation: Our strategy for social transformation is assisting partner communities to alter their “sinful situations” into nurturing conditions. We establish a helping relationship that facilitates the building and expanding of people’s capacities; that would eventually lead to people’s empowerment and transformation.

Justice Advocacy: We are at the forefront of promoting social justice. The rights-based approach to development is actively advocated and practiced. We take a stand on the moral, social, economic, and political issues that affect the marginalized and disadvantaged.

Organizing People for Collective Action: We assist the people in their organizing work towards the establishment of community-based organizations. We actively promote people-centered development where the people are the molders of their progress.

The spirituality of Social Transformation: The spirituality of social transformation is the continuing action –reflection-action (praxis) of the college towards the fullness of human life. It serves as the binding force that gives a Christian perspective to community involvement with the spirit of commitment and compassion for others.

Education for Empowerment: The content of education is focused on critical analysis of the situation; developing people’s potential and using education as a tool to attain social justice, nationalism, and people’s empowerment.

Participation in Development: In assisting the people, our paramount concern is the people’s involvement in the entire decision –making process, so that it will be a process and end owned by the people. Participation in development is an active process by which the people have to do the development planning, implementation, evaluating and monitoring of projects that aim to benefit their community.

Holistic Development: Development is not only limited to economic growth but it addresses all dimensions of a person’s life.

ST. JOSEPH program thrusts are translated into program goals which are the guideposts for the formulation of concrete programs and services of Sambayanihan Extension Service Office:

1. To facilitate the formation and strengthening of people’s organizations.

2. To assist partner communities in their continuing capability building, empowerment, and self-reliance.

3. To help enhance the capabilities of partner institutions, agencies, and organizations in pursuing their concerns and in promoting participatory and people-centered development.

4. To implement a comprehensive program on disaster risk reduction and management such as relief and health services and post-disaster community development projects to the communities affected by the disaster.

5. To facilitate community immersion and involvement program for the CAS community.

6. To help document and develop popular education materials to share people’s experiences, struggles, and aspirations.

7. To promote peace and justice through sustained advocacy on issues and concerns affecting the marginalized sectors of society.

8. To mobilize resources to sustain program implementation.

In keeping with the SJCQC’s vision of social transformation, a theory of transformation is developed to present how the Sambayanihan Extension Service Programs and Services can contribute to the envisioned social transformation.