St. Joseph’s College of Quezon City is a Catholic and private school administered by the Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate Conception that pursues human integral formation anchored on Christian values and academic excellence to enable the learners to become effective instruments for social transformation.

Board Passers

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SJCQC has been granted by PRC as CPD provider with accreditation number 2018-240 valid until November 4, 2021. Watch out for seminars/workshops for teachers and administrators to earn CPD units for the renewal of teacher’s license.

Basic Education Department

The Basic Education Department consists of Pre-Kinder to Grade 10 that provides a Caring and Nurturing Community to develop students Integral Human Formation.



Senior High School

The Senior High School aims to prepare our students for higher education, to be Christian workers and to become social entrepreneurs. we offer Arts and Design and all the academic strands (ABM, HUMSS, GAS, STEM)




College Of Arts and Science

The CAS is acutely sensitive to the social, economic, political and cultural situation in which it fulfills its mandated functions as a Philippine institution of higher learning. It strives to develop methods of inquiry, study, discovery and learning among the students and faculty.


Special Education Department

The SJCQC-SPED Department provides a continual of placement options and services to the educational needs of Learners with Special Educational Needs (LSEN).


Graduate School 

GS-4The Graduate School  envisioned a teacher training institution that could creatively respond to the faculty development needs of private schools in the National Capital Region  & Develop professionals who are competent in their fields of specialization to maximize their potentials. 


Expanded Tertiary Education Equivalency and Accreditationeteeapnew.png

The ETEEAP is a comprehensive educational assessment program at the tertiary level that recognizes, accredits and gives equivalencies to knowledge, skills, attitudes and values gained by individuals from relevant work.