The Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Department wishes to announce that a File Server has been developed by the Staff, and the Department is making this available for the use of the Faculty, other Employees, and Students of St. Joseph’s College of Quezon City.

In the client/server model, a file server is made available for the central storage and management of data files, so that other computers on the same network can access the files. The file server allows users to share information over a network without having to physically transfer files by USB or some other external storage devices.

The following are functions of this File Server in SJCQC:

1.Users from the faculty, employees, and students may have a folder (or a memory storage) with the size of 1 GB in the file server. Users should register at the ICT office to acquire this folder/memory storage.

2.Users use the folder to save files/documents instead of a USB, or any external storage device.

3.Faculty requesting for downloads at the ICT, will have the downloads stored directly in the faculty’s folder, from which the downloaded file may be transferred to any external storage device. This will prevent file corruption from virus.

4.Users may open and download their files anywhere in the campus via internet.

5.Faculty can use their folder to save assignments, reports, class records, classroom activities, etc.

6.Only the ICT staff may store videos in the folders.


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